Guidelines for LNHL 2016
Posted: Feb 24, 2016

For the purposes of the following document all rostered players mean: Registered Batchewana Band Members or Children of Batchewana Band Members (one Parent rule), and Children of Batchewana Band Members whom are registered with another First Nation, but playing for the Batchewana Attack.

  1.  For 2017 LNHL, a registration form will be filled in for each player participating at LNHL.

Attached to this form will be a copy of the Child’s Status card or if playing under a Parent’s Status card then a copy of the parent’s Status card and a copy of the child’s long form birth certificate. If your child is playing for another team because Batchewana Attack has no division available for them, and will be requesting financial assistance a Parent must complete a form notifying Batchewana First Nation. This form is required for budget purposes, and due the same time as registration. No releases will be provided to Batchewana First Nation Members or Children of Batchewana First nation Members, if Batchewana has a team registered in that division.

  1. Each Team may have a maximum of 4 adults assigned to that team, with the exception of Tyke which may have 5. These positions are Manager, Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, and for Tyke an additional Assistant Coach.
  2. Financial assistance maybe provided to each rostered player, to be determined each year by submission of budget to Chief and Council for their approval.
  3.  Upon approval a meal allowance will be provided to each child rostered to play for the Batchewana Attack. No meal allowance will be provided to Coaches, Managers or Trainers.
  4. Upon approval a travel allowance will be provided to each Family with a child rostered to play for the Batchewana Attack participating at LNHL. The amount of this allowance will be dependent on where LNHL is being held. If a family with 3 or more rostered players and are required to be at different arenas at the same time, and are traveling in more than one vehicle, a request for an additional travel allowance can be submitted in writing to the LNHL Coordinator, these request will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  5. Upon approval accommodations will be provided to each player rostered to play for Batchewana Attack at the Hotel chosen as the Host Hotel. In the event that more than one child is playing for a Batchewana attack team, only one room will be provided per Family. If an additional room is required because of the size of the family based on 3 or more players rostered, then a request can be submitted in writing to the LNHL Coordinator, these request will be approved on an individual basis. If a Coach, Trainer or Manager volunteering with a Batchewana Attack team has no children rostered to play, no accommodations will be provided.
  6. Coaches, Managers or Trainers volunteering for Batchewana Attack will be provided the travel allowance only. If volunteering with more than one Batchewana Attack team, Coaches, Trainers or Managers will not receive any additional financial assistance. If a Coach, Manager or Trainer has a child rostered to play for Batchewana Attack they will not receive any additional financial assistance.
  7. If there is no division for a Batchewana Band member to play for and they play for another team, a stipend will be awarded to each Batchewana Band Member, based on the amount for each Child approved by Chief and Council. If the player rostered elsewhere has a sibling rostered with the Batchewana Attack, only a food allowance will be provided.
  8. If any player receives additional financial assistance from any source for the above expenses, the amount received will reduce the stipend allotted to rostered players on any team.
  9. If a player is rostered to play with a team other than the Batchewana Attack,( because there is no team available) and require financial assistance, they must participate in the fund raising activities planned each year.
  10. All Fundraising done in the efforts to raise funds for Batchewana First Nation’s participation at LNHL, shall be done as a whole and all money raised shall be deposited with Batchewana First Nation to be used for financial assistance for rostered players. If fundraising is done by Non Band Members playing for the Batchewana Attack they will receive a portion of the net funds based on total rostered players.
  11. If financial assistance is being provided, all monies will be available for pickup at the Host Hotel upon arrival. A note to parents of players receiving financial assistance will be issued prior to leaving for LNHL so they know where to pick up their money and how much they will receive. If the travel portion of your funding is required prior to traveling to LNHL, please notify the LNHL Coordinator before March 04, 2016 for pick up March 9th and 10th 2016.
  12. It is mandatory that as a rostered player at LNHL you must be in attendance at every game your team is scheduled to play. Attendance will be kept and if a player has missed a game, a portion of their allotted stipend must be returned, this is at the discretion of the team Manager.
  13. All Batchewana Attack uniforms and equipment are the property of Batchewana First Nation. It is the responsibility of each team Manager to sign out equipment and or uniforms required by their team, and return them immediately to the Administration Office after LNHL. The sweaters will be cleaned and stored at the Rankin Arena.