The Housing Department is pleased to provide support to tenants who may have financial difficulty at this time.

All Tenants of Housing programs where you are required to make a payment to the Batchewana First Nation Housing Department are eligible however you will be required to fill out an application and meet the criteria in place. To keep with social distancing applications can be requested and submitted through email as well.



Administration Office: 236 Frontenac Street Rankin Reserve 15D Batchewana First Nation, ON P6A 6Z1 Ph: (705) 759-0914 / Fax: (705)


The Housing Department has made arrangements with Pure H20 Water Company to provide water deliveries once per week.

  • Each household will receive 12 Bottles

  • All empty bottles MUST be put out each week (this

    is to ensure the company can keep up with the

    demand in providing extra water)

  • The Goulais Complex will have extra water on hand for emergency purposes, should you run out.

    Thank you
    Housing Management


To Membership of Batchewana First Nation who:

Rents a BFN Property/Apartment or House
RRCS Properties
Elders Complex
Pays their mortgage through BFN rent to own program
Whose Mortgage is guaranteed by BFN membership

Chief and Council are working hard along with the Housing Department

to ensure that all rents and mortgages are paid on time and in full.

In April of 2011 Chief and Council implemented a new housing policy including

a change in the collections of arrears.

When you do not pay your rent or mortgage, it impacts the entire membership as

the entire membership must cover the cost of your arrears. This is not fair to other

members who do pay their rents and mortgages and the new housing policy will

ensure that delinquent accounts are either paid in full or eviction processes will occur.

It is your responsibility to pay your rent/mortgage.

Many Band Members are waiting for housing and apartments and it is not fair to make

them wait if you are not paying your share.

are behind in your rent or mortgage.


The duties of the Housing Department are to administrate and financially manage

all the housing programs, secure funding, submit reports to the appropriate people,

assist Band Members, Homeowners and Tenants with their requests and/or concerns,

work with contractors, work with CMHC, INAC, North Shore Tribal Council, financial

institution representatives and other programs within the Batchewana First Natio

The Housing Department oversees and manages the following Housing Programs:

Rankin Reserve Community Services Rental Housing Program, Royal Bank Mortgage Program,

Batchewana First Nation Turn Key Program, CMHC Section 95 Program, Renovation Program

, RRAP and HASI.

Rankin Reserve Community Services Rental Units (RRCS) - This is a non-profit corporation

receiving financial assistance from the government of Canada (CMHC). This program consists

of 54 rental units, which consist of one and two bedroom apartments and three-bedroom single dwellings.

Batchewana First Nation Turn Key Program - Previously, the Batchewana First Nation

constructed 39 homes with limited input from the homeowners. The homeowner pays the

mortgage to the BFN office until the mortgage is paid in full, at which time the BFN will issue t

he homeowner a Certificate of Possession.

Royal Bank Mortgage Program - A BFN members will get a letter of verification from the Housing

Department to attend the Royal Bank to apply for a mortgage. If the Band Member meets the bank

criteria the BFN Chief and Council will guarantee the mortgage and the Band Member constructs

their own home. To date, we have had 16 BFN members successfully follow through with this program.

Renovation Program - BFN members living on the Reserve may apply for a renovation loan up to

$20,000 to renovate their home. This loan plus interest is amortized over a maximum period of five

years. The applicant must meet the BFN criteria and be approved by the CAO, then the borrower

must transfer the Certificate of Possession to the BFN until the loan is paid in full. At that time the

CP will be issued back to the Band Member.

CMHC Section 95 Program (non profit) - This is the new Rent-To-Own Program that is funded

through the CMHC. Last year we constructed 18 homes and are in the process of constructing 26

homes this year. Once the mortgage is paid in full, a CP will be issued to the home owner.

Elders' Complex - The Elders' Complex consists of a total of 10 units, 6 one-bedrooms

and 4 two-bedrooms.

Applications for RRCS Rentals, Rent to Own, Renovations and Elders Complex can be picked

up and returned to the Front Desk at the Batchewana First Nation Office.

Also, we do make applications to the CMHC for other funding programs such as RRAP, HASI.



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