Whitefish Island


White Fish Island Reserve 15


white fish island

Actual picture taken of Indians Dip Net Fishing at the St. Mary’s River Rapids

Later developments which influence water use within the rapids include:

  1. Raceway & Sawmill (U.S.):  1822
  2. First American Lock:  1855
  3. Weitzel lock (U.S.):  1881
  4. International Railway Bridge:  1887
  5. Canadian Gov’t Canal & Lock:  1888
  6. Construction of Poe Lock (U.S):  1896
  7. Eddison Sault Electric Power Canal and Plant (Can.):  1916
  8. Construction of Sabin Lock (U.S.): 1919
  9. Compensation Works Completed: 1921
  10. Weitzel lock replaced by MacAuthur Lock (U.S.):  1943
  11. International Highway Bridge Completed:  1965
  12. Great Lakes Power redevelopment (Can.)  1982

The combination of development, filling and water allocation has greatly reduced the availability of quality spawning areas and fisheries habitat within the rapids.  Their preservation is extremely important for maintaining or improving the existing fishery in the upper St. Mary’s River.

white fish sign   white fish view

white fish island   white fish duck