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Rankin Reserve




During the winter the road is plowed to the ditch line.  Residents must not place their garbage cans or outdoor sports equipment in the snowplow route to avoid being hitSnow removal is a priority on our streets and public roads and cannot be impeded or hindered due to safety reasons. 

The Public Works will not be held responsible for any damages incurred if this is not adhered to. 


Thank you for your cooperation and support.












In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, there will be NO PARKING on the Batchewana First Nation’s public roads from November 1 to March 31 from 12:00 am to 6:00 am.  


Disobeying this notice will result in vehicles being towed away at the owner’s expense.



Snow removal is a priority on our streets and public roads and cannot be impeded or hindered due to safety reasons.




The Operations & Maintenance Department manages the daily operations of the Public Works services for Goulais Bay Reserve, Rankin Reserve, Obadjiwan Reserve and Whitefish Island Reserve. Due to the location the Reserves are serviced through varied arrangements.


The Department has the following staff: Agnes Lidstone – O&M Coordinator, O&M Band Maintenance Workers – 3 full time, O&M Office Assistant – 1 full time, Goulais Complex – 1 part time caretaker


To contact the Operations & Maintenance Department call the Batchewana Band Office at 705-759-0914. 



Road maintenance for Rankin Reserve is done by the O&M Department.  These services include seasonal maintenance such as grading, patching of pot holes, ditching, brushing, culvert installations etc. and winter control operations.  Any major repairs are contracted out.


The seasonal and winter control operations for Goulais Bay Reserve and Obadjiwan Reserve are handled through arrangements with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).  Culvert installations are contracted out. 



Goulais Bay and Obadjiwan are serviced through private wells and septic systems. Rankin Reserve is connected to the water and sewer systems of the City of Sault Ste. Marie.


Sanitation and Recycling

All of the Reserves have weekly curbside waste collection and recycling programs through a private contractor.  The contractor fees are based upon a fixed rate and/or the population base.   


Fire Protection

Batchewana First Nation contracts fire protection under Municipal Transfer Agreements.  The fees are based upon a fixed rate and/or the population base.  Rankin Reserve is serviced by the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Goulais Bay Reserve is serviced by the Goulais Bay Fire Department. (Volunteer) Obadjiwan Reserve is serviced by the Batchewana Bay fire Department. (Volunteer)


Batchewana First Nation is responsible for cemetery services.  Cemetery maintenance is done by the O&M Department from May to October.  Goulais Bay Reserve has a general and traditional cemetery.  Obadjiwan Reserve has no cemetery; however many of our members are interned at the Batchewana Bay Village Cemetery. Rankin Reserve has no cemetery; however there is a Cemetery Agreement with Garden River First Nation to allow internment at Garden River. All of the cemeteries need restoration, renovation and expansion.  


Capital Facilities/Public Buildings

The O&M Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Capital Facilities/Public Buildings.  These include:  Administration Building and the Public Works Garage.

The O&M Department manages the Chii-wii-kwe-Dong Community Centre (Goulais Complex).  The building is available for rental purposes and operates various programs.  Please contact the O&M Department for rental details. 


Public Parks

Batchewana First Nation has 4 public parks. 

Rankin Reserve – Frontenac Street, Old Garden River Road and Veterans Park on Bawahting Miikun

Goulais Bay Reserve – Mission Road

There is a BMX Park located off Gran Street

Whitefish Island Reserve opened a system of walking trails for public use in 2012.  A new living village was constructed in 2012 and continues to