Employment & Training

B.E.T Mission Statement

The Batchewana Employment and Training Board provide meaningful employment and training initiatives for the betterment of the individuals and the community as a whole. The Board will have the overall responsibility of promoting and enhancing a better way of life through a holistic approach. This will be accomplished through evaluating and monitoring the programs and services it implements.


The main Objective is to offer employment related support and services to people who are experiencing labour market difficulties and facing barriers to training or employment.

Eligibility Requirements

Band member who want to access the Employment and Training Department for funding must:

1. Be Unemployed or underemployed; and


2. Be on an active Employment Insurance claim; or have been on Employment Insurance within the has three years; or be an individual who established and was paid a claim for EI maternity or parental benefits within the past five (5) years; or on Social Assistance; or have no income.

Funding cannot be accessed if you are a student. 


Batchewana Employment &Training currently employs two full-time staff:

Jessica Boyer, Manager

Ms. Sharon Boissoneau , Administrative Assistant


* Targeted Wages Subsidy Program
* Direct Course Purchase
* Job Creation Partnership
* Employment Assistance Support Measures
* Self-Employment Assistance
* Mobility Assistance
* Local Labour Market Partnerships
* Youth Work Experience
* Summer Career Placement
* Alter-Abled


* Job Board
* Internet/Computer Access
* Referrals
* Faxing of Resumes
* Resource Material

If you have any questions, please contact us @ 759-0914

Sharon Boissoneau: Ext 257


Board of Directors

Claude Paquin

Audrey Rowan

Rhonda Lesage

Marlene Hewson

Derek McCoy  

Alternates are:

James Roach  

 It is the goal of the Board of Directors to assist the employment and training staff to facilitate and prioritize the goals and objectives of the Batchewana Employment & Training Department. This will be accomplished by keeping aware of the Local Labour Market needs and the needs of the clients.