BFN Parents and Students

April 9, 2020

As you are aware, the schools have started delivering technology equipment to families who require them to complete their school work. This process hasn’t been completed yet, hopefully by April 17th, all families will be contacted.

This process has not been an easy or smooth task.  If you requested IT for your child/family and have not received it yet, please call me and I will help with this problem.

In the coming days, students who do not have access to internet or a computer, they will receive worksheets delivered every Monday to their homes from their respective boards (Easter week is an exception).

Please respect social distancing and keep your family safe.

Brenda Sayers

BFN Education




Please see the following link to BFN's new education portal: this page provides access to tutoring services, a variety of educational tools, latest news and much more!



Batchewana Education Staff Contact:

Brenda Sayers-Finance                                                                           705-542-2259

Christine Sayers-Post Secondary                                                         705-941-8221

Lana Jones-Highschool                                                                              705-206-3972

Rainbow Agawa-Elementary                                                                 705-805-7440

Jenny Sayers-BLC Secretary                                                                  705-971-9482

Kimi Wesselius-BLC Teachers Aid                                                           705-206-6016                    

Anna Canduro-BLC Teacher                                                                  705-971-7985

Rachelle Lambert-Special Needs                                                      705-943-9297