Ojibwe, Ojibway, Ojibwa and Chippewa all mean the same; the words are just spelt differently. In the United States, it is more common to use "Chippewa." In Canada, the term "Ojibway" is used. All four spellings come from the Algonquin word, meaning "puckered." Most likely because of the puckered moccasin style. "Chippewa" is the result of the French attempting to say the word "Ojibway." In the past, Ojibway women were farmers and were responsible for meals and child care. Men often hunted and went to war to protect the family. Both men and women participated in artwork, music, traditional medicine and story telling. One of the biggest misconceptions about the Ojibway is they all lived in Tipis. The Great Plains Ojibway lived in Tipis, and the Woodlands Ojibway made their homes out of Birchbark, called Wigwams.
Amongst themselves, Ojibway refer to their people as Anishinaabe, which mean "Original People."

Chief Nebenaigoching

Chief Nebenaigoching

Batchewana First Nation Chief and Councillors ~ 1948 to 2000 ~
October 26, 1948 to June 1, 1949
Chief – Lawrence Syrette (resigned)

June 24, 1949 to October 25, 1951
Chief – August Boyer (By-election)
Councillors – William Boyer Sr., Robert Robertson, Peter Jordan

October 26, 1951 to April 4, 1954
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – William Boyer Sr., Peter Robertson, Peter Jordan

April 5, 1954 to October 29, 1956
Chief - August Boyer
Councillors – William Bell, William Syrette Sr., Peter Jordan

October 30, 1956 to November 3, 1958
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – Martin Sayers, Mrs. M. Syrette, Louis L. Syrette

November 4, 1958 to October 16, 1960
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – Philip Nolan, Eli Jordan, Louis L. Syrette

October 17, 1960 to December 5, 1962
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – Ben Boyer, Louis L. Syrette, John Boyer

December 6, 1962 to December 8, 1964
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – George Agawa, Robert Robinson, Alice Corbiere

December 9, 1964 to November 29, 1966
Chief – August Boyer
Councillors – Alice Corbiere, Louis L. Syrette, Bernard Nadjiwan

November 30, 1966 to November 24, 1968
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – James Agawa (until Nov. 1967), Justin Syrette, George Agawa, Robert Robertson Sr. (By-election), John Sewell (By-election)

November 25, 1968 to November 29, 1970
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Robert J. Robinson Jr., Robert Syrette, John Sewell

November 30, 1970 to Nov. 29, 1972
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Robert J. Robinson, Robert Syrette, John Sewell

November 30, 1972 to November 24, 1974
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Benjamin Boyer, Robert L. Syrette, Rodney V. Sewell

November 25, 1974 to November 29, 1976
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Harvey Bell, Harry Jones, Maynard Boyer (until Dec. 1975), Rodney V. Sewell (until Dec. 1975), Francis H. Boyer (By-election), Darrell W. Lesage (By-election)

November 30, 1976 to November 29, 1978
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Victor Boyer, Margaret Lesage, Darrell W. Lesage, Harry Jones

December 11, 1980 to December 10, 1982
Chief – Garnet B. Boyer
Councillors – Harvey Bell, Kenneth Sayers, Carol A. Nadjiwan, Albert P. Sewell (until Nov. 1981), R. Elwood Syrette (By-election)

January 11, 1982 to December 11, 1982
Chief – Garnet B. Boyer
Councillors – Carol A. Nadjiwan, Douglas D. Sewell, Robert I. Syrette, Donna M. Sayers, Allan E. Syrette

December 10, 1984 to December 9, 1986
Chief – Garnet B. Boyer
Councillors – Edward Boissoneau, Douglas D. Sewell, Allan E. Syrette, Donna M. Sayers, Paul Stevens

December 10, 1986 to December 11, 1988
Chief – Harvey Bell
Councillors – Peter Nadjiwan, Allan E. Syrette, Paul Stevens, Bradley Syrette, Edward Boissoneau (until May 1988), Adelene Corbiere (By-election)

December 12, 1988 to December 9, 1990
Chief – Harvey Bell
Councillors – Gregory Agawa, Adelene Corbiere, Peter Nadjiwan, Joseph T. Sayers, Donna M. Sayers, Vernon Syrette, Joseph M. Corbiere (until Aug. 1989), Bradley Syrette (until Apr. 24), Albert D. Sewell (By-election), Kevin Tegosh (By-election)

December 10, 1990 to December 9, 1992
Chief – Harvey Bell
Councillors – Adelen Corbiere, Albert Sewell, Jean Syrette, Vernon Syrette, Thomas Kakapshe, Donald Syrette, Robert Noel Syrette, Eugene Kevin Tegosh

December 10 1992 to December 7, 1994
Chief – Vernon Syrette
Councillors – Randall Boyer, Thomas Kakapshe (until Feb. 1993), Carol Nadjiwan, Kevin Tegosh, Robert Syrette, Albert Sewell, Donald Syrette, Adelene Corbiere (By-election)

December 12, 1994 to December 11, 1996
Chief – John M. Corbiere
Councillors – Albert Sewell, Noel Syrette, Kevin Tegosh, Roland Hewson, Donald Syrette, Ann Marie Tegosh, Carol Nadjiwon, Shaun Boyer (until Jan. 1995), Vernon Syrette (By-election)

December 12, 1996 to December 11, 1998
Chief – Angela Neveau
Councillors – Adelene Corbiere, Carol Nadjiwon, Noel Syrette, Roland Hewson, James Roach, Vernon Syrette, Ann Marie Tegosh, Kevin Tegosh

December 12, 1998 to December 11, 2000
Chief – Vernon Syrette
Councillors – Gregory Agawa, Roland Hewson (until Feb. 2000), Carol Nadjiwon, Noel Syrette, Adelene Corbiere, Margaret Lesage (until Feb. 2000), Joe Tom Sayers, Kevin Tegosh, Holly Syrette (By-election), Steven Dolan (By-election)