Rankin Daycare Centre

January 2018

We are excited to start 2018 with lots of fun activities planned, gymnastics, swimming, and of course playing in the snow.  We would like to say Miigwetch to our Community Activator Joe for helping our preschoolers learn to skate with his can skate program. Our children did a great job on the ice, and had fun too! A visit from Santa Clause was a great way to spend our last session.  Reminder to parents to send children’s  snow pants, hat and waterproof mittens to daycare when we return from our Christmas Holidays. They love to play outside especially now that we have snow!
 Rankin Daycare has joined up with the Dollywood Foundation (Dolly Parton) to provide First Nation Daycares, and children with story books to read for free. Our children who attend Rankin Daycare,  infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, had their name and addresses submitted and will start receiving a free age appropriate book each month until they are 5 years old in the new year. The book will be mailed to their home, and each child in the home will receive their own book. We are extending this wonderful program to all parents, grandparents and caregivers in our community who have a child/children under the age of 5 to participate with the program who do not attend Rankin Daycare Center. You can stop in and register your child/children with Rankin Daycare, and we will add your child to our list. They will begin to experience the wonderful gift of books from the Dollywood Foundation too. Please give us a call (705) 759-0330 for more information.
Happy New Year! From Rankin Daycare Staff



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