Crisis Shelter




Is the Moon of Harvesting the Wild Rice / Menomin.

Boozhoo Please Note: for the Month of August the Nimkii Naabkawagan Family Crisis Shelter will “not” be Holding a Full Moon Ceremony simply because there is a Statutory Holiday, the Civic Holiday, Monday August 7th exactly on the FULL MOON and usually people go away for that Long Weekend, so I don’t want to interfere with a Holiday.

However, this is an ample opportunity to share a few Teachings. People can hold their very own Full Moon Ceremony. A Ceremony can be as plain as going out and placing some Sema / Tobacco out on Mother Earth on the eve of the Full Moon, or when Nokomis Giizis is showing herself or at any time, in and around near the Full Moon. It does not have to be dark out, it can be anytime, there is a Window, 3 days before and 3 days after, when Nokomis Giizis has the most Influence on us and of course on the FULL MOON, has the most influence. Sometimes we may find ourselves a lil moody or more emotional than usual, or we may experience an inability to sleep, or full alertness during a Full Moon or even like a Natural High Energy, like Being Moved. We may experience other phenomena as well, each person is unique. It has long been known that Nokomis Giizis signals the Natural World: the Plant, Water, Humans, Animals well all of the Living World and Universe to go forth with cycles and certain events happen at certain times every year, cycle upon cycle. It is an Ancient Natural Occurrence and Phenomena that the Moon has a Powerful Influence over All Life on Earth, also within the Universe, especially over the Female Life.

A Full Moon Ceremony can be more extensive and / or you may be guided a certain way, such as using a certain color cloth for Prayer Ties, or to go by the Water, or a song may come to you, etc… Always be Safe, Pray and Keep your Heart Good / Mino Ode Wewin / Good Heart Way of Life / Kindness. Grand Mother Moon / Nokomis Giizis, or some may refer to Grand Mother Moon in another way or manner, does not mean that it is wrong, it is only different. You may know other teachings, or other Names for the Cycles, there are actually 13 Full Moons, like on Turtles Back, although the Calendar goes by only 12 Months.

We usually use Yellow Cloth, the length of one wing span, which is your arms stretched out, about 6 inches in width. On one end of you Prayer Tie, you put Sema / Tobacco for yourself, twist that end into a prayer tie, then on the other end of your prayer Cloth you place more Sema, this one represents your Connection to Nokomis Giizis. You Stretch that Prayer Tie extended out from your Heart out to Nokomis Giizis, even if you can’t see her, she is there. You can say your Prayers in your Heart out to Grand Mother, or you can say them out loud. But this is not like rules, this is only a guide, you are free to Pray in your own manner. Then we burn this Prayer Tie in a Sacred Fire or in your own personal Fire. You can also tie on individual lil Prayer Ties usually of lil Red Clothes and Sema tied in to them with yard, then tie them to your Yellow Wing Span Prayer Cloth. You can even begin your prayer Cloth at any time, as soon as you like, placing all your Prayers, but don’t forget to also Give Thanks / Miigweyang for all the Wonderful Things in your Life along with your other Prayers.

Mino Bimaadiziiwin / Good Life: We are Rich when we have connection to Creator, the Natural World and Life, to each other and Family. It has nothing to do with money, we may actually experience or get to know Mino Bimaadiziiwin at times when we have less money or none at all.

Miigwetch: Misko Asin Kwe / Red Stone Woman / Barbara Day / Program Support Worker