Batchewana Pow Wow

Labour Day Weekend September 1, 2 2018


We invite everyone to celebrate and expierence the Ojibway culture at BFN's 2018 Traditional Pow Wow. Enjoy traditional dancing, drumming and singing. Try some fine Ojibway cooking and persue our local craft/artison vendors. The weekend will explore the traditions of our ancestors and celebrate the future of our youth. Rough camping available, please bring lawn chairs. Anishinaabe craft and food vendors welcome (daily fee). More details coming in the next newsletter, watch the BFN website for updates:







Rankin Reserve (15D) is the main location with Garden River Reserve on its East Boundary and the City of Sault Ste Marie bordering its West boundary. It is approximately 1620 ha (4,000 acres). This location gets its name from the Rankin Mining Company, which owned this property when purchased in 1939 by the Batchewana First Nation people for a Reserve. The main Administration of the First Nation is located at this site.